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intelliSENS Application Examples and Videos

Active Rectifier Characterization of a Programmable DC Power Supply


We have been working on development of Resilience Series of Programmable DC Power Supplies. As part of the requirements, Power Factor (PF) of 0.9 and above needs to be achieved. The experimental setup to validate the power factor consists of a PE-DAQ system (USM-3IV & intelliSENS DAQ), which enables 3 phase power measurements as shown in the connection diagram. The analysis is performed in 3 wire 3 watt-meter configuration by pairing phase voltages and currents U1-i1, U2-i2 and U3-i3 accordingly. Applying these settings in intelliSENS power analysis tab is important for accurate power quality measurements.

AC Motor Drive Transient Response and Harmonic Analysis


Taraz Technologies have been developing Chashma Series of Solar Pumping Inverters which find extensive application in agriculture. The control system of the inverter must have an optimized transient response for the MPPT to achieve high efficiency of above 99.5%. Moreover, the control algorithm must ensure low THD current injection to maximize motor life by reducing vibrations. We have used intelliSENS i2 dual channel current probe to monitor 3 phase current output from the inverter, analyze its transient response and perform harmonic analysis to improve control system performance.