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Power Electronics Development Modules

Development Boards for Rapid Power Electronics Prototyping

Power electronics development modules are scalable modules that represent basic building blocks of a power electronics system. Moreover, these blocks can be configured according to your application and can be assembled easily. Thus, making these modules suitable for rapid prototyping of any research related to power electronics and can assist you on product development and testing.
These Development boards are equipped with LEDs for visual feedback, testing points for monitoring the system and switches for configurability. Consequently, making them the best choice for any research and development environment, where, flexibility and reliability are the key things required for you to focus on the results and progress with the research. Furthermore, these blocks can be assembled into training kits for educational purposes. Hence, these modules are fitting for power electronics research labs and universities.

Simple, Flexible and Complete

Combine Blocks to Build Power Electronics Hardware Without Hardware Knowledge

Building your power electronics hardware just become simpler, just like your simulation software, our modules consists of modular blocks that could be interfaced together. Since many basic topologies are available, combining blocks can make almost any power electronics system, such as multi phase inverters, Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC) and others.

Focus on Research, Publish More

Setup Your Hardware in No Time, Optimized for Fastest Power Electronics Prototyping

Most research publications nowadays require experimental validation of research work to be published. This adds cost, resources requirement and much more time, which results in reduced number of publication and wastage of funds and time. Power electronics development modules solve these issues and enable researchers to quickly prototype complex power electronics systems, and spend most of their time in innovation and publications.


Connects to All Controllers, Measure Without Probes

Compatible with DSPACE, DSP & FPGA. Measure Currents & Voltages Without Probes

Power electronics development modules can be interfaced directly to most controllers such as DSP, DSPACE, FPGA and more. All inputs accept 3V/5V signals. Measurement and feedback outputs both unipolar 3V/5V as well as bipolar ±10V. BNC outputs of voltage and current can also be connected to oscilloscopes without any additional probes and devices, which reduces the cost and cleans the experimental setup.

Avoid Issues with Tested Hardware

Proven Reliability Hardware, Used by Researchers Around the World

During development stage of power electronics systems, failure of equipment and devices is common due to issues and mistakes. Power electronics development modules offer advanced protection drivers with fault latch shutdown, that detects short circuit conditions and react in less than 5us, complementing 10us short circuit rated devices for optimum protection. Additionally, both inputs and feedback measurements are fully isolated.

intelliSENS Ready, Optimized for Experiments

Interactive Recordings & Powerful Analysis with intelliSENS. Designed for Easy Testing with Visual LED Feedback

Power electronics development modules are intelliSENS ready, which adds powerful analysis tools such as THD, FFT, PF, etc., as well as unlimited recording, interactive playback and sharing. Designed with experimentation in mind, the system also provides visual feedback of inputs and outputs, dual LEDs gives feedback of ON, OFF and PWM states. Additionally, test points have been placed for easy measurement and debugging.

PELab System

Learn by Practice, Great for Students and Courses

Deliver Concepts Practically and Safely with Hands on Experience

Power electronics is a present and future technology. Renewable energy and electric vehicles will shape tomorrow’s power generation and transportation industries. Preparing tomorrow engineers require upgrading power electronics courses and labs. Adding experimental experience as part of the course results in delivering crisper concepts, while adding fun and developing passion for power electronics.


Need Custom Power Electronics?

Give us Your Requirements and We Will Build The System For You

We provide complete system design and building service of power electronics inverters and converters. If you need a ready out of box solution, then this service is most suitable for you. When we build custom converters/inverters, we customize the design of controller interface card to your requirements and your specific controller, so you get a true pluggable solution. So far, we have provided many customized solutions such as 6 Phase Inverter, 5 Phase 4-Cell per Phase Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) and 7.5kV Marx Generator. Some of our recent customers are Texas A&M University, Qatar University and LUMS.


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