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About us

We are a sales company that specializes in the distribution and intermediation in development of power electronics.

Our experiences are combined with that of our partners. We supply hardware that has already been created and built in-house by our partners to ensure quality and reliability. Every single product is tested before shipping.

In addition, as intermediator, we offer you individual hardware solutions in the field of power electronics with individual hardware adapted to your needs

Since 2020 we have been a competent partner in German-speaking countries as well as in other EU countries for customers and suppliers.

LT-Leistungselektronik Vision:

Shortening the development time of our partners with innovative products

LT-Leistungselektronik Mission:

Prototypes for power electronics in the short term

LT-Leistungselektronik Company values

  1. Setting priorities.
  2. Quality: We focus on quality always and everywhere. Customers receive excellent work quality from us.
  3. Innovation and selection of business partners: As a company, we attach great importance to developing new solutions (which will benefit you as a customer).
  4. Customer friendliness and satisfaction: We attach great importance to being friendly with our customers and offer them additional benefits. Internal processes are kept fast and clear for customers. Our customer is king!
  5. Reliability: Customers and partners can rely on us. We keep our promises.
  6. Development of new lines of business, products.
  7. Environmental awareness: We act in an environmentally conscious manner and value a responsible and sustainable use of resources.