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Custom Power Electronics Hardware Solutions

Taraz Technologies provides custom power electronics hardware solutions to universities and research institutions around the world, reducing their development time and R&D Cost. Our hardware is customized to interface directly with the controller of your choice giving you a ready to use solution directly out of the box. Moreover, the system can be configured in a desktop or rack mount enclosure option, with professional wiring and build quality to reduce failure and safety hazards. If you are working on a research project or setting up a power electronics lab, our solutions will suit your needs perfectly.


1. Isolated Measurements for Oscilloscope

Voltage and current measurements are fully isolated and can be connected directly to oscilloscopes using standard BNC connectors.

2. Custom Direct Controller Interface

We provide a custom interface card for your controller of choice with direct connection for all inputs and outputs of the system.

3. Data Acquisition (DAQ) Interface

Direct interface with intelliSENS DAQ is enabled to monitor up to 8 channels for advance analysis. Read more.

4. Galvanically isolated Digital I/Os

All inputs and outputs of the system are reinforced isolated from the power block, ensuring a robust and safe system operation.

5. Simple Plug & Play Operation

The complete system is ready to use out of the box without any extensive setup and wiring.

6. Advanced Protection Features

Multiple protection features are included, such as, short circuit, over load, over voltage and over temperature protection to ensure reliable operation.

7. Indication LEDs & Test points

On-board indication LEDs and test points provide instant visual feedback and easy monitoring of switches and fault status during operation.

8. Replaceable Power Modules

Power modules and gate drivers are easily replaceable, thus providing upgrade flexibility (IGBT to SiC) and simple maintenance.

Our Process

1. Provide Basic Schematic and Specs

First, provide us with basic schematic of the topology and specifications including switches type (SiC/IGBT), power rating, input and output voltages and currents, switching frequency, passive filter sizing (RMS and peak voltage/current), disconnection relays if any, as well as, system measurements for feedback and monitoring.

2. Customize Controller Interface

Specify the controller you will use to operate the system, as well as, pin mapping to design a customized interface card with proper conditioning circuit and connectors. Dual redundant controller option is available to enable interface with real time simulators, such as, dSPACE, OPAL-RT and Typhoon HIL for lab evaluation and DSP controllers for field evaluation.

3. Select Enclosure Type

Select a suitable enclosure type based on your application. Desktop acrylic enclosure provides maximum visibility and access to test points, while rack mount enclosure option is more suitable to build large multi converter systems with complex wiring and enhanced safety in compact lab spacing.

Need Custom Power Electronics Hardware?

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