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Isolated Voltage & Current Sensor Module



  • Feedback of Power Electronics Inverters & Converters
  • Feedback for Real-Time Simulators
  • Motor Drives Monitoring
  • 3 Phase Systems Monitoring
  • Features

  • Selectable 10X (±100V) & 100X (±1000V) Voltage Ranges
  • ±100A Current Sensing Range
  • Bipolar ±10V BNC Output for Oscilloscope & dSPACE
  • Selectable 3V/5V Unipolar Output for FPGA & DSP
  • Isolated 100kHz Voltage & 200kHz Current Bandwidth
  • Direct Interface with intelliSENS DAQ
  • Buy

    600.00 $ USD

    Universal Connectivity Measurement Board

    USM-3IV is a fully isolated, universal connectivity and high bandwidth sensor module with 3 voltage and 3 current channels. It can measure up to ±1000V at 100kHz and ±100A at 200kHz with 10X/100X selectable range for voltage measurement. Moreover, this isolated voltage & current sensor module can be connected simultaneously to multiple equipment and controllers through Bipolar ±10V BNC and IDC Outputs for Oscilloscope & Real-Time Simulators, such as, dSPACE, Opal-RT & Typhoon HIL as well as Selectable 3V/5V Unipolar Output for FPGA & DSP controllers, thus, providing you with an all in one measurement system for monitoring and control of power electronics in a compact form factor.

    Furthermore, USM can directly interface with intelliSENS DAQ to unlock powerful features such as Monitoring, Recording and Advanced Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis, replacing expensive Oscilloscopes, Power Analyzers, Recorders and Probes for up to 25 kHz Bandwidth applications.


    3 Phase Measurement

    The isolated voltage & current sensor module has 3 channels each for voltage and current measurements with a range of ±1000V and ±100A respectively. These channels enable a clean setup for monitoring and analyzing of 3 phase power systems, such as, 3 phase motors and solar grid-tie inverters.

    Galvanic Isolation

    A reinforced galvanic isolation between power and signal side provides safe and noise free measurements. In addition, channel-to-channel isolation enables differential voltage sensing providing flexibility and lower cross-talk noise.

    Universal Connectivity

    The most valuable feature of the isolated voltage & current sensor module is universal connectivity. Due to multiple unipolar and bipolar output connectors, it can be simultaneously connected to controllers and equipment for feedback and monitoring, hence, avoiding the need for separate probes and multiple feedback sensors. Following connection options are available:

    High Noise Immunity

    Due to various design considerations, USM module has a superior noise immunity compared to conventional probes. In other words, it provides a clearer signal than standard differential voltage probes and current clamps in high EMI noise environments of power electronics labs.

    Simultaneous Connection Options

    OscilloscopesBipolar ±10VBNC
    Real-Time Simulators (dSPACE, Typhoon HIL, Opal-RT, etc.)Bipolar ±10VBNC
    DSP Controllers, FPGAs, MicrocontrollersUnipolar 3V/5VIDC (16-pin)
    Laptop/PC (USB through intelliSENS DAQ)Bipolar ±10VIDC (16-pin)


    Complete Measurement Solution for Power Electronics Lab with intelliSENS DAQ

    Power electronics measurement and test equipment, ranging from differential voltage probes and current probes to oscilloscopes and power analyzers, cost thousands of dollars to set up. For typical applications, this setup can be easily replaced by intelliSENS DAQ and USM-3IV, which has 3 differential voltage sensors (±1000V, 100kHz) and 3 current sensors (±100A, 200kHz) with complete galvanic isolation. Therefore, providing a low cost and compact solution for power electronics labs in universities and research institutions.

    Low Cost Alternative to Standard Probes

    USM-3IV can be used as a low cost alternative to conventional differential voltage and current probes with roughly the same specifications. While the features and applications are the same, USM-3IV is 9 times more cost efficient compared to conventional probes, enabling a low budget power electronics lab measurement solution for universities and research institutions.

    While most specifications of USM-3IV are better than standard probes, especially, noise immunity and accuracy, the voltage bandwidth however is lower, this limits the use of USM-3IV in high bandwidth demanding applications as explained below.

    3 Phase Motor Current Monitoring✔✔
    Measure Conversion Efficiency✔✔
    Power Quality & Harmonic Analysis✔✔
    Check Rise/Fall Time of Power Supply✔✔
    Output Transient Response✔✔
    Check Output PWM from inverter✔
    IGBT/SiC Switches Rise/Fall Time✔


    Due to low bandwidth of USM-3IV voltage sensor compared to conventional differential voltage probes, certain measurements such as output PWM, semiconductor switch rise and fall time are not possible. For these measurements, conventional probes along with high bandwidth oscilloscopes are required.


    Number of Channels33
    Range±100/±1000 V±100 A
    Frequency BandwidthDC-100DC-200kHz
    Rise Time3.51.75μs
    Supply Voltage15 VDC
    Supply Current1A

    Get the Complete Power Electronics Measurement System


  • 3 Voltage & 3 Current Channels with Galvanic Isolation
  • Simultaneous Sampling at 125 ksps, 16-bit Resolution
  • intelliSENS Oscilloscope, FFT, Power & Harmonic Analysis
  • Up to ±1000V & ±100A Measurement Range
  • 100kHz Voltage & 200kHz Current Analog Bandwidth
  • BNC Outputs to Oscilloscope, dSPACE & Opal-RT
  • Selectable 3V/5V Output for FPGA & DSP
  • Applications

  • 3 Phase Power Quality & Harmonics Analysis
  • Power Electronics Hardware Monitoring
  • Fault Conditions Behavior Analysis
  • Transient Response Analysis
  • Control System Stability Monitoring