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intelliSENS Software for Power Electronics Applications

The intelliSENS software is a ready-to-use application software designed to assist students, researchers and engineers in the field of power electronics to develop, monitor & test power systems by replacing multiple lab equipment, such as, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, power analyzers and recorders.


Oscilloscope with FFT

The intelliSENS software includes oscilloscope with wide array of measurements, math functions and FFT, enabling both frequency and time domain analysis.

Power Analysis

The intelliSENS software can perform power quality analysis of single and 3 phase power systems determining Real & Reactive Power, Power Factor (PF) and Phase Angle values.

Harmonic Analysis

The software enable harmonic analysis that can calculate THD+N and THD up-to the 100th harmonic and display them in bar or table format similar to traditional power analyzers.


Recorder functionality can be achieved using intelliSENS software. In addition, the recorded files retain complete analysis capabilities to enable further analysis by colleagues and collaborators.

Oscilloscope and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Spectrum Analysis

IntelliSENS software comes with full fledged oscilloscope functionalities, including a wide array of measurements. In addition, advance math equations can be added to the waveform to provide more versatility. Furthermore, adjustable trigger and fluid control makes the use of intelliSENS oscilloscope much more user-friendly than traditional oscilloscopes. intelliSENS software can also perform FFT analysis of the input signals, a feature only available in high end oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers.

Advanced Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis

Power electronics designers must comply with standards for parameters, like Power Factor (PF) and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), while designing power electronics converters and inverters. These measurements are usually performed by power analyzers. The intelliSENS software can measure power quality parameters such as Active Power, Reactive Power, Phase angle and power factor for single and 3 phase systems in optional 3-wattmeter or 2-wattmeter measurement techniques for 3 wire systems and 3-wattmeter technique for 4 wire systems. Moreover, the harmonic analyzer can calculate THD+N and THD up-to the 100th harmonic in dB, percentage and RMS values and display it in bar or table formats similar to traditional power analyzers.

Recording of Experimental Data While Retaining Complete Analysis Capabilities

The main advantage of intelliSENS software is the ability to record experimental data, and share those interactive recordings with peers and colleagues far away, thus, improving teamwork phenomenally. On top of that, there is no limit to how long the real-time data can be recorded and the application software is completely free of cost. Consequently, introducing a new way for measuring and sharing data between students and researchers in the field of power electronics. The intelliSENS software comprises of two separate modules, that are, intelliSENS analysis and intelliSENS viewer. The analysis module perform monitoring, analysis and recording of real-time measurements from intelliSENS devices while retaining complete analysis capabilities, whereas, the viewer module perform all analysis of recorded files as if the data is being measured in real-time similar to analysis module.

Download intelliSENS Software

The intelliSENS software is the enabling platform of intelliSENS probes and DAQ devices. Software enabled features like Oscilloscope, FFT, Recording, Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis assist students and researchers in diverse applications, such as, validation of a PFC rectifier, fault condition behavior monitoring, transient response analysis and control system stability measurement. Download the intelliSENS software to experience the interface and explore ways to benefit from its powerful capabilities. Following application examples along with recordings are available for demonstration.

Available Demos

✓ Active Rectifier Characterization of a Programmable DC Power Supply
✓ AC Motor Drive Transient Response and Harmonic Analysis

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 10> 2 GHz Dual Core> 2 GB> 4 GB