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intelliSENS Probes & Data Acquisition


The intelliSENS Probes are a new generation of probing technology that includes data acquisition and can connect to both oscilloscope & PC simultaneously. They are backed by intelliSENS Software which is a powerful DAQ application software that enables real-time monitoring and analysis of the measured data. The intelliSENS software can replace multiple lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, power analyzers, and recorders with the many features it has. In addition, specialized DAQ devices can also connect to the intelliSENS software enabling large systems monitoring and analysis, which makes them ideal for power electronics research and development that typically require a large number of channel monitoring that conventional oscilloscopes and power analyzers do not provide. The main advantage of intelliSENS software is the ability to record experimental data. The recorded data files retain complete analysis capabilities enabling collaborative work between team members across different countries and institutions.

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  • Oscilloscope with Measurements, Math Functions & FFT
  • Harmonic Analysis such as THD & THD+N
  • Power Quality Analysis such as PF, Real & Reactive Power
  • Recorder Functionality while Retaining Complete Analysis Capabilities

intelliSENS Enabled Devices

intelliSENS i2

intelliSENS DAQ

PE-DAQ System


  • Dual Channel AC/DC Current Measurement
  • 200kHz Analog Bandwidth
  • 500KSps@16-Bit Data Acquisition


  • 8 Channel, Simultaneous Sampling
  • ±10V Input Range
  • 125KSps@16-Bit Data Acquisition


  • 3 Phase Voltage & Current Measurement
  • ±1000V Voltage & ±100A Current Range
  • 125KSps@16-Bit Data Acquisition

Application Examples & Videos

We have added some examples and recording files that can give you an overview of intelliSENS hardware and software capabilities. Following are some of the available application examples:

✓ 3 Phase Power Analysis Example using PE-DAQ
✓ AC Motor Drive Transient Response and Harmonic Analysis using intelliSENS i2

In addition, more application examples and videos will be added as soon as they become available.