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New Generation Probes that Connects to Oscilloscope and PC

intelliSENS probes are smart, agile, new generation of probing technology which connects to both oscilloscope & PC simultaneously. With power electronics testing requirements in mind, multiple probe synchronization can be achieved to measure many channels at the same time. They are backed by powerful user friendly analysis tools for instant performance measurement, recording and analysis. These probe are must have in modern power electronics laboratories and research environments, where multi-channel measurements, logging and advance analysis are required tools for research and development.

intelliSENS Smart Probes: Probes with Data Acquisition

intelliSENS Probes Connects Both to Oscilloscope & PC Simultaneously!

Conventional probes outputs analog signals which are processed by oscilloscopes for useful information. The level and details of analysis are limited by oscilloscope’s processing power and software. intelliSENS smart probes add data acquisition in the system and enable processing measured data on the PC, which has much more powerful processor. This gives intelliSENS probes the capability to perform advanced analysis such as Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), FFT, power analysis and much more. It also adds other capabilities such as interactive recordings, while at the same time, reducing cost significantly.

Optimized for Power Electronics

With Advanced Sync Technology, Measure More Channels Than Oscilloscopes

Modern power electronics systems and control techniques require monitoring large number of signals. Most oscilloscopes fail in providing required channels, as well as advanced analysis such as THD at reasonable cost. Both channels and analysis limitations makes power electronics development difficult. With intelliSENS probes sync technology, many probes can be synced together to monitor more channels, with desktop PCs having many USBs, measuring 16 channels is even possible. intelliSENS software also performs advanced analysis such as THD, FFT, PF, etc. which can only be performed by high-end expensive oscilloscopes.

Advance Analysis: Simple and Affordable

Check Compliance to Standards Defining THD, Power Factor limits

Most power electronics systems such as inverters and rectifiers are governed by standards, those products must strictly comply to requirements to be allowed in the market. Total Harmonic Distortion and power quality analysis are performed to check compliance. However, such analysis can only be performed by high-end oscilloscopes or power analyzers, which are not accessible to most researchers and students, resulting in lack of knowledge and experience. intelliSENS probes perform advance analysis utilizing huge processor power at fraction of the cost, and only with a click of a button.


Monitor. Record. Analyze. Share

Change Experimentation and Learning: Monitor and Record Experiment, Analyze Offline & Share Live Results!

intelliSENS probes connects to regular oscilloscopes and acquire data into PC through USB. Once measured data is in the computer, possibilities in digital domain become endless. Unlimited recording of experiments enable offline analysis and measurements, which oscilloscopes cannot do. Advance analysis can be performed and specific events of the experiments can be seen, transient response can be compared between simulations and experiments. And finally, results can be shared in same interactive format so colleagues can analyze and measure as well.

Interactive Recordings, Great for Research and Education

Increase R&D productivity, Enhance Collaboration and Improve Students Learning with Shareable Live Experiments!

Interactive recording view experiment data as if its coming live from probes. You can measure voltage, move cursor, calculate RMS, frequency etc. and perform THD analysis of recorded waveforms. All are stored in single intelliSENS format file that you can share with your colleagues, send to your professor, or keep for your record for comparison and improvements. With PDF like sharing, space and time barriers are removed between team members, enhanced learning achieved between students and professors.

Less Equipment, More Capabilities

intelliSENS Probes Can Replace Probes, Oscilloscope, Power Analyzer & Recorder

Traditional measurement setup require specialized current/voltage probe and oscilloscope to monitor voltage/current waveforms. If you need advanced power quality analysis such as THD, then you also need a Power Analyzer. If you need portable system with long recording capability then you need recorder. intelliSENS probes along with you personal laptop can perform above tasks while saving you a fortune. 

Experience intelliSENS

Checkout Actual 3 Phase Inverter Output

The power of smart probes lies in the software which evolves and add features regularly. Currently, intelliSENS software can perform measurements similar to oscilloscopes, and add advanced analysis such as total harmonic analysis (THD), which only high end oscilloscopes and power analyzers can perform. But the main advantage of intelliSENS is recording experimental data for long durations, and sharing those interactive recordings with peers and colleagues far away. This improves teamwork phenomenally. We have recorded actual 3 phase inverter output for you, so you experience the power of intelliSENS. Now you can share experimental results just like other documents, except they are more alive.

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