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Controllers & Interfaces

Controllers are essential blocks in any power electronics system. The main function of a controller is to implement a high-performance control system and protect the system against any faults. Modern controllers are divided into two categories:

Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) Controllers

These controllers are capable of implementing the control system directly from the simulation software used to simulate the whole power electronics system. This accelerates the research and development of a high-performance control system since it bypasses the embedded programming stage which is the standard in the industry.

Embedded Controllers

These controllers require embedded programming which gives a lot of flexibility and optimization space to implement the control system and auxiliary functions. However, since embedded programming is a lengthy and difficult task, these controllers are usually tested initially with HIL Real-Time Simulators before moving to power electronics hardware implementation.

Taraz Technologies controllers come in two form factors. The standalone controller option such as the PE-RCP Box and the controller modules option such as the PEController and PE-RCP (same as the PE-RCP Box in module form factor). The controller modules are panel mountable which makes them ideal for final product integration once the development is complete. In addition, to accelerate the development of embedded control systems, embedded C libraries for the PEController are also provided along with multiple application examples, which will save a lot of initial development time.

TI C2000 F28379D Based RCP Controller



The PE-RCP Box is ideal for power electronics inverters and converters control system implementation due to its Rapid Control Prototyping capability directly from MATLAB, PSIM & PLECS. In addition, the open-source MATLAB Simulink models will greatly accelerate the development cycle of power electronics converters with the help of available application examples. Furthermore, large resources are also available from Texas Instruments that support the development of the F28379D ControlCARD which is used in the PE-RCP Box.


  • Dual-Core TI C2000 TMS320F28379D 200MHz Controller
  • Up to 16 PWM Outputs & 16 Analog Inputs
  • 8CH 16-Bit & 8CH 12-Bit ADC with ±10V Range
  • Direct Interface to PELab, OPAL-RT HILs & dSPACE MLBX
  • Isolated CAN, Sync, Fiber Optics & USB 2.0 FS
  • Isolated USB In-Circuit Programming & Debugging
  • Open-Source Application Examples
  • Panel-Mount Controller Modules

    High-Performance Architecture

    PEController | ST ARM STM32H745 Based

    Rapid Control Prototyping

    Rapid Control Prototyping


    Performance & GUI

  • 480MHz (M7) / 240MHz (M4), Dual-Core
  • 5″ Touch Display
  • Analog

  • 16CH, 250ksps @ 16-Bit, ±10V Input
  • Simultaneous Sampling
  • High-Accuracy Dedicated ADC Chips
  • Communications

    • LAN, CAN, RS-485, Fiber Optics & Sync
    • High-Speed USB for DAQ



  • 200MHz, Dual-Core
  • Analog

  • 8CH, 360KSps @ 16-Bit, ±10V Input
  • 8CH, 430KSps @ 12-Bit, ±10V Input
  • Communications

  • CAN, Fiber Optics & Sync
  • Resources & Support

    The controller modules are supported by embedded C libraries (PEController), multiple application examples and a getting started guide. The following application examples have been implemented:

    ✓ V/f Control of AC Induction Motor
    ✓ Three-Phase Grid-Tie Inverter with Boost Converter

    In addition, more resources will be added including video tutorials and demos. Please check the technical resources page for the latest material.

    Power & HIL Interfaces

    The interface cards and modules can be used to interface the controllers to common HIL Real-Time Simulators. In addition, the PEWorks interface card can be used to interface the controller modules with Taraz Technologies’ power electronics modules and sensors. Therefore enabling power electronics development from HIL simulation to power electronics hardware implementation.

    PEWorks Interface Card

    OPAL-RT HIL Interface Card

    dSPACE MLBX Interface Card

    Typhoon HIL Interface Module

    • Interfaces To:
      > Up to 2 SPM-VFDs/VFDHP
      > Up to 4 SPM-FB/MMC/TNPC/NPC
      > Up to 3 USM-3IVs
    • Interfaces To:
      > All OPAL-RT HIL Real-Time Simulators
    • Interfaces To:
      > dSPACE MLBX
    • Interfaces To:
      > Up to 2 PE-RCPs/PEControllers
      > PELab Systems
      > OPAL-RT HIL/RCP Simulators
    • Specifications:
      > Configurable Protections
      > OCP, OVP & OTP Protections
      > 12V Fan Supply & Relays Control
    • Specifications:
      > 16 Digital Outputs
      > 16 Digital Inputs
      > 16 Analog Inputs
    • Specifications:
      > 16 Digital Outputs
      > 16 Digital Inputs
      > 16 Analog Inputs
    • Specifications:
      > 32 Digital Outputs
      > 32 Digital Inputs
      > 32 Analog Inputs