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8 Channels, 16-bit, Simultaneous Sampling USB DAQ

intelliSENS DAQ



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The intelliSENS DAQ is an 8 Channel simultaneous sampling USB DAQ device with high accuracy 16bit ADC and a sampling rate of 250kS/CH/s with a maximum aggregated transfer rate of up to 1MSps. It supports external triggering that enables accurate acquisition control, which is critical for analyzing power electronics systems at specific events and conditions. The intelliSENS DAQ is supported by intelliSENS software; an application software designed specifically for power electronics applications. The software includes oscilloscope with wide array of measurements, math functions and FFT analysis. Furthermore, the software can perform advanced power quality and harmonic analysis, hence, providing a low cost alternative to power analyzers. The measured data can be recorded and shared while retaining complete analysis capabilities. Moreover, multiple intelliSENS tools can be synchronized using intelliSync to achieve up to 32 simultaneous input channels. Thus, enabling a scalable DAQ solution.

The intelliSENS DAQ can also be used to Analyze Fault Condition Behavior, Load Transient Response & Control System Stability, as well as, Real-Time Monitoring of Power Electronics Hardware in Development Stage. Furthermore, when combined with USM-3IV, it provides a Complete Measurement Solution for Power Electronics Labs in universities and research institutions.


8-Ch Simultaneous Sampling Data Acquisition

For accurate instantaneous power measurements, voltages and currents need to be sampled simultaneously. Additionally, higher number of channels are particularly helpful for complete monitoring of power electronics systems. Low budget oscilloscopes provide only 4 channels, which are not enough for 3 phase measurements and monitoring. intelliSENS DAQ can measure 8 Channels at the same time, hence, making it ideal for multi-phase power measurements and hardware monitoring.

High Accuracy Measurements using 16-bit ADC

Most low budget oscilloscopes use 8-bit ADCs. Due to lower resolution of these scopes, measurements have large digitization error making vertical measurement readings such as RMS, AVG and PEAK inaccurate. IntelliSENS DAQ uses a 16-bit ADC, thus, resulting in very accurate RMS and other measurements.

External Triggering for Accurate Measurements

For certain power electronics applications, measurements are required at a specific point of the PWM cycle or a specific event, such as, peak inductor current. Using external trigger, ADC acquisition can be triggered by the controller, hence, providing flexibility for application specific requirements to be fulfilled with ease.

Measure up-to 32 Channels through intelliSync

Many power electronics applications require extended number of channels to capture the complete picture during operation. Up-to 4 intelliSENS DAQs can be synchronized using intelliSync to monitor a maximum of 32 inputs. Therefore, providing a scalable solution at low cost.


Software Support

intelliSENS Application Software for Power Electronics Applications

The intelliSENS DAQ is supported by intelliSENS software; an application software designed specifically for power electronics applications. The software includes oscilloscope with wide array of measurements, math functions and FFT analysis. In addition, advanced power quality and harmonic analysis can be performed, thus, replacing traditional power analyzers. Moreover, interactive recordings can be saved while retaining complete analysis capability for result sharing and future use. The software can also interface to multiple intelliSENS tools at the same time using intelliSync, which extends the number of simultaneous measurements. Consequently, providing a scalable solution for monitoring and testing of power electronics systems of different complexities.

Oscilloscope and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Spectrum Analysis

IntelliSENS comes with full fledged oscilloscope functionalities, including a wide array of measurements. In addition, advance math equations can be added to the waveform to provide more versatility. Furthermore, adjustable trigger and fluid control makes the use of intelliSENS oscilloscope much more user-friendly than traditional oscilloscopes.

intelliSENS software can also perform FFT analysis of the input signals, a feature only available in high end oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers. Thus, making it accessible to students and researchers working on low budget. Furthermore, a dynamic range of 96 dB, which is much more than the usual 48 dB in traditional Digital Storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) with FFT, provides a robust and accurate depiction of different harmonics in the frequency domain.


Advanced Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis

Power electronics designers must comply with standards for parameters, like Power Factor (PF) and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), while designing power electronics converters and inverters. These measurements can only be performed by power analyzers, which are very expensive. intelliSENS software can perform all these measurements and displays them in a format similar to power analyzers, making power quality and harmonic analysis available for students and researchers alike.


Recording of Experimental Data While Retaining Complete Analysis Capabilities

The main advantage of intelliSENS software is the ability to record experimental data, and share those interactive recordings with peers and colleagues far away, thus, improving teamwork phenomenally. On top of that, there is no limit to how long the real-time data can be recorded and the application software is completely free of cost. Consequently, introducing a new way for measuring and sharing data between students and researchers in the field of power electronics.

The recorded data files retain complete analysis capabilities. In other words, when a saved file is viewed, any information from the real-time analysis can be extracted again and further analysis can be made on the very same data that may have not been performed before. Therefore, enabling collaborative work between team members across different countries and institutions.

Application Examples

Analyze Fault Condition Behavior, Load Transient Response and Control System Stability

Power electronics researchers have to monitor and analyze events, such as, fault condition behavior, load transient response and control system stability. These events are hard to monitor with oscilloscopes, whereas, Recorders are inaccessible due to their high cost. The intelliSENS DAQ provides a low cost solution for researchers and R&D engineers to monitor, analyze and record these events for future reference.

Sync with Third-Party Differential Voltage and Current Probes through intelliSENS Bridge

intelliSENS Bridge interface’s 3rd party Differential Voltage & Current probes to intelliSENS software, which can be viewed alongside measurements obtained from intelliSENS DAQ, giving the user flexibility to use available probes and access powerful features of the intelliSENS software.


Complete Measurement Solution for Power Electronics Lab with USM-3IV

Power electronics measurement and test equipment, ranging from differential voltage probes and current probes to oscilloscopes and power analyzers, cost thousands of dollars to set up. For typical applications, this setup can be easily replaced by intelliSENS DAQ and USM-3IV, which has 3 differential voltage sensors (±1000V, 100kHz) and 3 current sensors (±100A, 200kHz) with complete galvanic isolation. Therefore, providing a low cost and compact solution for power electronics labs in universities and research institutions.


Real-Time Monitoring of Power Electronics Hardware in Development Stage

By simply adding an IDC connector in the hardware design stage, real-time data of the power electronics hardware can be monitored using the existing feedback sensors of the controller. Thus, greatly reducing wiring effort and cost of probes & oscilloscopes used for testing and validation.


Channels8 Channels, Simultaneous Sampling
ConfigurationSingle Ended
Sample Rate

125kS/s @ 8 Channels

250kS/s @ 4 Channels

ADC Resolution16- Bits
External TriggerYes
Max Device Sync4
Input Range±10 V
Input Impedance1 MΩ | 16pF
Input Connector16-pin IDC
Absolute Accuracy±0.15% of Full Scale Range (FSR)
Baseline Noise0.2 LSB (RMS)
Crosstalk Rejection-50 dB
Temperature Range0°C to 60°C
Power Supply5V, 0.45A (From USB)
PC ConnectivityUSB 2.0 HS (Compatible with USB 1.1)
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Device DriversIn-Built in intelliSENS Software

85 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm (Standard)

85 mm x 53.8 mm x 10 mm (OEM)

Weight66 g

* Note 1: All ratings are given at 25°C ambient temperature unless otherwise specified.




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