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intelliSENS i2​ Current Probes

±100A AC/DC Dual Smart Current Probe

intelliSENS i2 (INTi2-A1)



Certification & Warranty


Accuracy (BNC)<0.7%Offset±14mV
Digital Resolution16BitsSample Rate per CH500ksps
Rise Time (BNC)<2usSystem Voltage (OV CAT III)600V
Opening Dimensions12.7 x 8.5mmSystem Voltage (OV CAT III)1000V
Supply Voltage5VSupply Current1.5A
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 HS 480Mbps and SPICertificationsCE & FCC

* Note 1: All ratings are given at 25°C ambient temperature unless otherwise specified.

Probes with Data Acquisition; Optimized For Power Electronics

intelliSENS Probes Connects Both to Oscilloscope & PC, With Multiple Probe Syncronization

intelliSENS probes are smart, agile, new generation of probing technology which connects to both oscilloscope & PC simultaneously. With power electronics testing requirements in mind, multiple probe synchronization can be achieved to measure many channels at the same time. They are backed by powerful user friendly analysis tools for instant performance measurement, recording and analysis. These probes are must have in modern power electronics laboratories and research environments, where multi-channel measurements, logging and advanced analysis are required tools for research and development. amp meter fluke clamp meter amp clamp dc amp meter clamp meter priceampere meter, amp meter


Interactive Recordings and Harmonic Analysis

Monitor and Record Experiment, Analyze & Share Live Results!

Interactive recording view experiment data as if its coming live from probes. You can measure voltage, move cursor, calculate RMS, frequency etc. and perform THD analysis of recorded waveforms. All are stored in single intelliSENS format file that you can share with your colleagues, send to your professor, or keep for your record for comparison and improvements. With PDF like sharing, space and time barriers are removed between team members, enhanced learning achieved between students and professors.  thd probe, total harmonic distortion probe, digital current meter, digital clamp meter, digital current meter price, portable oscilloscope


Banana Connector to Wire Adapter (TBAN)

Handy Tool For Easy Wiring

Our probe is not a clamp one, so we created a handy accessory for the lab taking safety into consideration. You can use standard banana plugs with our current probe seamlessly using the TBAN which allows disconnection between the probe and the experimental setup easily. It can also be used to increase sensitivity using multiple turns on the probe (sensitivity = 0.1 x No. of turns) to measure much smaller currents at high accuracy. Each probe includes two TBAN adapters.

2 Channels for 3 Phase Measurements

3 Phase Motor Applications Require 2 Phase Measurements Only

For three phase motor applications, only two phases are measured. The third phase is calculated from the relation that sum of all phases is zero since its a 3 wire system, and kirchhoff low can be applied. Because of that, single probe with dual channel measurements is enough for motor applications. intelliSENS software also generates the third phase with a dedicated button, which saves you time and effort.

intelliSENS i2

intelliSENS DAQ

intelliSENS Bridge

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